Saturday, 14 January 2012

A little bit rock and roll

This is Kosmo. He also answers to Peanut. 8.5 weeks old. Quiet and calm in nature. Peanut loves the massages his Dad gives, the sound of his Mum's voice, and he looks really good in red. He sleeps with his eyes half open.

He did a really good job of picking awesome parents.

This is Kosmo, in his natural habitat. Being nothing but a little peanut.

Tot Shots has always been about beautiful natural photographs of kids and their families, and now more than ever I am making a conscious effort to capture real life moments.

I want you to remember how tiny your baby looked in your arms, the way they lost their newborn hair all of a sudden, and how you managed to balance them in one arm while talking on the phone. 
I want to capture your joy, your glow, and your bed-hair. 
I want to see the pile of booties your workmates knitted for you, and the mountain of toys that have taken over your lounge. 

When he grows up and turns into a stroppy teenager, I want your baby to see how much he was loved. How fun his Dad was, and how beautiful his Mum was. And how, when he was brand new, he yawned with his whole head, and he was the centre of the universe. And how nothing has really changed.

I don't care if you're not looking at the camera,  or if you have vomit on your shoulder, or if your wearing your favourite t-shirt even though your wife said you should wear something clean. 
You look amazing. 
You look just like you! 

Yes we can get the one where you're all smiling and looking in the right place, (and I'll make sure I crop out your washing heap, and half eaten breakfast (from yesterday)), but I think you'll prefer the one where your laughing with your partner as your 2 year old bounces off the walls, your 5 year old strikes a pose in a crocodile costume, and your baby screams his head off. 
Cos thats life. Its nuts! Its messy, and loud!

I think family portraits shouldn't just be great photos of you and your brood. What you really want are great photos of you being you, right there, bang smack in the middle of your wild, noisy, happy life. (and looking like a modern day goddess doing it, of course).

So, 2012, its time to get real. So long fuzzy white blanket, and cupboard full of 'props' - you have served me well, but your days are numbered. 
Prepare your odd socks and lets get cooking/swimming/hopscotching/scootering/puddle-jumping. Expect more than just one where everyone is looking at the camera
Expect real, honest, natural snapshots. Moments of beauty and love frozen in time. I'll even let you keep them forever!

Ok. I blogged. Everywhere.

... dup dah dum... photos!

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  1. i love the colors in these, anna! beautiful!