Saturday, 14 January 2012

big pretty photo books

In my previous post I introduced my new 'session + disc + book' package.

You thought:
"that sounds pretty awesome"
"wonder what those books look like"

I read your mind. And I have delivered.

Today my awesome brother and I got together to make some filmic magic. We even composed the music track! I'm a devoted PC person but gosh darmit Macs are AMAZING.

These books look pretty great in the clip above, but they are extra insanely cool in real life. Everyone who has seen it, has been blown away.

The photos are huge. The book is top quality - just like something you would buy from the bookshop. I custom design the layout just for you so your photos look their absolute best.

I really believe this is an ideal solution for all you busy bee Mums out there. You don't have to worry about getting down to the lab to have your photos printed, nor storing them away from grimy fingers in some kind of orderly manner. I'll do it all for you. You will be so impressed.

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