Friday, 2 September 2011

Best friends

Little 2 year old Rose has a lot of friends. Her lovely Mum won this session through my facebook page by loading an adorable photo of Rose in the snow, and asking friends to vote.

As the family will be relocating to Australia soon it was a great chance to  get some photos taken of Rose and her best best friend Sammy.

Despite nearly getting blown away and frozen to death the girls were absolute champs and we had an awful lot of fun down at Avalon Park (home of my favourite blue wall in Wellington!)

Sammy's little brother wanted to  get in on the action too! 

The series above captures Rose's expressions when she sees Sammy's car coming in! Soooo cute!

The shot on the right instantly inspires a silent rendition of 'the ants go marching one by one' in my head. Go figure.

Thanks for a great day girls, and good luck in the land of Oz!

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  1. Thank you once again Anna. These pics captures Rose and Samara perfectly of how precious and loving their friendship is. Well done!